ESZPlay Platform Update – Ranking System and Winter Production Launch

ESZPlay Dev Letter

ESZ Players,

We’ve been in deep development the last few months – we appreciate everyone’s patience as we finetune the platform and integrate the remaining features. We’re excited to announce we’re on track for a winter production launching the ESZPlay Overwolf App! We’ve completed integration of our ranking system and are currently working on KYC/AML and our cash payment gateway Skrill.

During this time, we’ve also launched two mobile games on the Skillz network with another on the way. Players can compete in free or cash prize play in short heads-up tournaments with leaderboards and awesome prizes! Give them a try!


                                                                                                                                                                                       ESZPlay Devs

Ranking System

Players should compete against opponents of similar skill for the best gameplay experience, whether in free play or with cash prize pools at stake. We’re excited to introduce the ESZPlay ranking system built to ensure the most fair and optimal experience for players.

Your ESZPlay platform rank is calculated through two factors represented on a bell curve:

  • Average skill μ
  • Degree of uncertainty about skill σ

Skill Rank Bell Curve

μ  Average skill refers to how you stack up against other players.

Winning games will transfer skill points from your opponent to you and vice versa for losing games. However, a players degree of uncertainty plays a role into the severity of skill points gained or lost.

σ  Degree of uncertainty about skill refers to how well the system believes your rank is accurate.

Players with little to no games under their belt would have severe skill point movement from each game in an effort to quickly move them to the correct rank. Oppositely, players with many games played would have little movement in their skill rank as they are likely near or at their skill level.


🙏 These two factors come together and utilize many pieces of data including playlist type, team size and opponents rank to calculate your skill indicated by the red lightning symbol next to your username.

Players around the same skill rank would provide the best gameplay experience.


Skill Rank Matchmaking

The above picture shows that player ‘Shadow’ is rank 35 and there are two 1v1 matches open against opponents with rank 0 and rank 37. Opponent with rank 0 is playing a small stakes game – likely because they are unranked and do not want to take a lot of risk until their skill is more established. Opponent with rank 37 is throwing down cash for a high stakes game, likely because they are established and confident in their skill level and gameplay.

Player Shadow can enter any game though the opposing player is not obligated to accept the match. Alternatively, Shadow can create a game if there are no games available they’d like to compete in. Players use their own discretion when deciding opponents to play against.

Players are highly recommended to consider an opponents rank when entering a match on our platform.

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Learn More About the ESZPlay Platform is being developed as an eSports matchmaking and tournament platform for popular online games. Our platform will allow players to compete in challenges, head to head matches and tournaments by paying a small entry fee to win cash rewards.

Checkout our early access page for more information on our beta and what features players can expect to be released. Players can also submit their own feature requests and vote on others on our bug reporting and feedback tool.

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