CS:GO Matchmaking Rules


By participating in ESZPlay matchmaking, the player/team fully agrees to all of the rules mentioned below. Violating any of these rules will result in warnings, suspensions, or banning of your account. We encourage users of the ESZPlay platform to use English where possible, both on our discord channel and on our CS:GO servers.

Code of Conduct

By participating in activities on ESZPlay, you agree to behave in a kind way towards others, including the mod, admin and dev team. Being part of ESZPlay means you represent us and the community through your interactions with others. Any and all insults that occur during a match or on discord may be subject to punishment. This includes in-game chat, general chat, team chat, direct messages and discord. 
Do not make attacks or insult other users, either in discord or through other communication channels on ESZPlay. Disagreements and debates are fine, but don’t make it personal.
  • Do not attack groups. This includes professions, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, incomes, or even vague groups like “you people”.
  • Do not use terms which are offensive as an insult.
  • Do not “flame”. These are posts intended to personally berate and anger another user.
  • Do not “troll”. These are posts intended to bait other users into getting angry, or getting into unproductive discussions.
  • Do not hate on new users. We were all new once. New members should feel welcome, and you should help them with their questions, no matter how ill-informed they might be.

The Short Version

  • All matches are Bo1 (Best of 1) MR10 (Max Round 10) before half-time with Overtime MR3 enabled.
  • Any player that fails to join a 1v1 game during warmup or leaves during a match in progress for any reason will forfeit it and their entry fee.
  • Cheaters will be banned permanently without a second chance.
  • Easy Anti-Cheat Client will be required for all ESZPlay matches.
  • We retain one-sixth of the overall prize pool per match as our management fee.
  • You must be age 18 years or older to play.

Full Rules

Match Format

ESZPlay utilizes the single-game match format. A single-game match is played in a single game and places two players against one another. A game is played on a single map in a MR10 (Max Round 10) round format with the addition of Overtime if needed. For each half-time, teams/players play both terrorist and counter-terrorist, and score one point by winning one in-game round. The winner of a game is the first team which scores 11 in-game rounds. The winner of a match is the team that has won one game. 


If after 20 rounds both teams/players are tied, there is an Overtime which consists of a MR3 Format. If after 6 rounds there is not a winner, there will be a switch of sides and another MR3 will begin.

Requirements for Playing ESZPlay

To be eligible to play ESZPlay matches, players must be over 18 years of age. This will be checked during the KYC/AML withdrawal process.

How ESZPlay Matches work

Players can create or find a match based on a cash entry fee to win the cash prize pool. Once a match has started, the system will take the entry fees from players and hold it in escrow for that match. Upon completion of the match, ESZPlay retains one-sixth of the overall prize pool per match as a our management fee and reward the winner(s) with the remaining amount.

Game Coverage

Due to the nature of ESZPlay, we reserve the right to the coverage of matches conducted on the ESZPlay platform and servers. 

Admin Communication

Any communication between ESZPlay customer support, members, moderators or administrators are not to be posted publicly. Posting this communication will result in warnings, suspensions, or banning of your account.

Player Settings

Illegal software and hardware tools

Programs that provide any type of advantage during game play (e.g. drivers that allow the removing of walls) are forbidden. Any programs that change the game itself are forbidden and any user caught using such software will be subject to punishment.

Use of the Easy Anti-Cheat Client

The Anti-Cheat Client will be mandatory for all players to use for the full duration of matches without exception. If a player cannot use the Anti-Cheat Client then they are not allowed to take part in a match.

Bypassing of Anti-Cheat

Any attempt to bypass our anti-cheats will result in a permanent ban on the ESZPlay platform.

Distribution of cheats

Players caught distributing cheats on the ESZPlay platform via any type of communication channel (team chat, general chat, friend chat etc) will be punished.


Any user of the ESZPlay platform must link their CS:GO SteamID upon matchmaking otherwise you will not be able to join a server. If you are having issues with linking your SteamID, please contact our support team via support@eszplay.zendesk.comPlease Note: Once linked, a SteamID cannot be unlinked.

Recommended Settings

  • cl_interp 0
  • cl_interp_ratio 1
  • rate 196608
  • cl_cmdrate 128
  • cl_updaterate 128
  • cl_allowdownload 1
  • cl_downloadfilter 0

Match Procedure

Readying Up

Upon entering the match lobby, both players must click on “READY UP” before the match can start and a server can be allocated. 

Leaving the Lobby

Leaving the matchmaking lobby before readying up will close the lobby and will not affect either player in anyway in regards to statistics or cash balance when it comes to matchmaking. (Skill rating, win/loss ratio, leaves etc.)

Leaving the lobby after readying up will close the lobby and will affect player statistics. (Skill rating, win/loss ratio, leaves etc.)

Connect to Server

The Connect button will appear once a server has been allocated and setup. Upon clicking this button, both players will be loaded into the map automatically. 


Each match will have a warmup round lasting 5 minutes until all players have joined then the warmup timer will change to 30 seconds. If a player does not join the game during the initial warmup stage, that player will forfeit the game and their entry fee. 

During the Match

Choice of side

During 1v1 matches, the side will be determined by who joins first. As the maps are designed to take this into account, neither team have an advantage over the other.


During 1v1 matches, any player that disconnects from the game server either by console, main menu or by connection issues before the match has been completed will forfeit the game and their entry fee.

After the Match

Right to write a support ticket/file a protest

If a player/team suspects a violation of rules during a match, we urge them to complete the match. Once complete, a player should report this player to support@eszplay.zendesk.com. It is advised to provide as much information possible to ensure a swift and accurate action is acted out.

Result Reporting

ESZPlay features an automatic reporting of results but in the case of an incorrect score appearing, a player from the match should submit a support ticket with a screenshot of the final score and the Match ID if possible to support@eszplay.zendesk.com.

False Reporting

Creating a false report may lead and not limited to:
  • A written warning
  • A temporary cooldown from matchmaking
  • Account suspension
  • An account ban



ESZPlay reserve the right to change usernames at any time, if they are any of the following:
Defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, anti-Semitic or inciting hatred. This includes any alternative spelling or letter order and:
  • Impersonating a member of ESZPlay
  • Impersonating another community member