CS:GO Panorama UI Now In Beta

Panorama UI

The new Panorama UI players have been expecting is now available in beta for Windows users. This comes as the largest visual update the game has seen since release in 2012. As Valve states, “the entire experience of interacting with the game has been updated.”

To test the UI, you must opt into a CS:GO Beta Depot which you can find details on here. With the UI still finishing development, unfortunately official matchmaking will not be available. Though, you will be able to invite friends to the lobby and play practice with bots.

There has not been any official announcement on when the full release of the Panorama UI will happen but players are surely happy to get a feel in the meantime. The beta will also be good to get further community feedback and work out any bugs. You can let Valve know your thoughts through the resources in the pre-release notes here.

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