Battlerite MOBA to Release a Battle Royale Mode This Summer

Battlerite, a free-to-play team arena brawler of the MOBA genre, announced the release of a Battle Royale game mode coming this summer. The current game modes focus on 2v2 and 3v3 arena brawls with short, intense and adrenaline-fueled PvP combat. Players choose their champion and drop in with no progression systems – that means no leveling and no items. So then why Battle Royale? When you look at the success of Battle Royale titles like Fortnite  and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, it’s not surprising to see game developers like Stunlock Studios attempt to tap into the growing Battle Royale trend.

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Battlerite Royale

With the main game modes being team-based combat in a small arena, naturally some modifications will come for Battlerite’s  Battle Royale game mode. A new island map 30 times larger than the current arena mode maps will be used. In a free-for-all or teams of two setup, 20 players will drop onto the map and duke it out to the last man/team standing. Players will still choose their champion and matches will last around 10 minutes, close to the current game mode match length. 

The most interesting change are the items that will be available on the map. Details haven’t been released on what exactly the items will be but with the current game modes being item-less, it’s tough to imagine they will be armor and weapons. Maybe they will be character stat buffs such as damage boost or maybe potions and the like for healing. Maybe both. Regardless, the details available still make the game mode enticing to try out. 

Battlerite  developers are taking action to bring the game deeper into the community. The Battlerite Pro League and Rising Stars launched recently and now they’re targeting the Battle Royale genre hype. Combine that with the Xbox One launch this year, Stunlock Studios are taking great steps to further the reach and brand development of this increasingly popular MOBA.

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